What's new in IDEA StatiCa 22.1

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  • Fire resistance analysis for steel connections and members
  • Horizontal tying resistance code-check for steel connections
  • Thermal analysis for concrete members
  • SLS checks for prestressed discontinuity region
  • UX improvements for BIM application Checkbot
  • and much more...


Jan Barta
Jan Barta Channel Manager
IDEA StatiCa
Adam Kozousek
Adam Kozousek Product Engineer
IDEA StatiCa
Lukas Juricek
Lukas Juricek Product Engineer
IDEA StatiCa
The list of coming features and improvements is long enough to make the 22.1 not only an upgrade but a whole new version of IDEA StatiCa, better than any other before.

News for Steel

What happened to all that user feedback about Tying forces and Fire design? We listened, we implemented. There are two brand new analysis types in the IDEA StatiCa Connection application.

The first one looks into situations where the structural engineer has to prevent the possibility of progressive collapse of the structure. For these design states, we have developed the Horizontal tying analysis.

Secondly, the designers are able to analyze steel connections and also the whole members connected together for stated temperatures, thanks to Fire design analysis present both in the IDEA StatiCa Connection and Member applications. 

Besides these, we have prepared many other enhancements, which will help with your everyday tasks. 

IDEA StatiCa for Steel now provides:

News for Concrete and Prestressing

The advanced thermal analysis helps you with the fire resistance check of beams, columns, and frames subjected to the fire effects. You can now ensure an optimized and cost-effective structural design that provides the required fire safety.

Is it your daily job to design and assess precast prestressed beams or walls with openings, dapped end beams, or even beams with haunches? IDEA StatiCa Detail brings the SLS code-check of prestressed concrete discontinuity regions.

IDEA StatiCa for Concrete and Prestressing now provides:

The Advanced thermal analysis helps with the fire resistance check of beams and columns subjected to the fire effects. Make the structural design of reinforced concrete high-rise or industrial buildings and their fire resistance now!

News for BIM links

In version 22.1 we focused on polishing the way how the information is coming to us from 3rd party applications resulting in a new BIMApi interface. This not only gives better stability and power of the Checkbot but also eases the job for other developers and companies willing to connect to IDEA StatiCa applications.    

Besides this major improvement, a whole package of useful enhancements for practical use of the Checkbot app is brought in version 22.1.

IDEA StatiCa Checkbot now provides:

IDEA StatiCa 22.1 brings a tool called BimApi. That's the only part of the BIM communication process that vendor developers have to understand and adjust their part of the code to now. Take advance of IDEA StatiCa BIM links integration!

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