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Equilibrium and supporting member

Bolted plate to plate connection design (AISC)

IDEA StatiCa Connection – Structural design of steel connections

Connection tutorial - Tubular 3D frame (AISC)

How to define correct load position (Forces in)

Proyecto de bosque vertical

Muelle Queens Skydeck

Marquesina del aeropuerto metropolitano de las Montañas Rocosas

Estructura del tejado del Estadio AFAS

394-foot (120-meter) St-Jacques street overpass, Montreal, Canada

Anchorage design of steel spherical storage tanks, Canada

10 Fenchurch Avenue, London, UK

The Jakarta International Velodrome, Indonesia

The Marshall Building, London, UK

Bus station steel structure, Rosenheim, Germany

Permanent service bridge truss, Heathrow Airport, UK

Optimizing steel connection production, Rijssen, Netherlands

Facade connections at Midland Metropolitan hospital, UK

Glass roof topping, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Curragh Racecourse, Newbridge, Ireland

Burgers’ Zoo Mangrove, Arnhem, The Netherlands