Nonlinear analysis of tapered members

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Your wait is over. If you are a structural engineer who deals with concrete structures where tapered beams, columns, or whole frames are a necessity, then we have a solution just for you. Let us introduce you to brand new functionality in the IDEA StatiCa Member application.

Assessment of tapered structures can become a piece of cake. How? Very easily - with the help of the IDEA StatiCa Member application. 

A new property of analyzed members was implemented. You can decide whether you are modeling prismatic or tapered members.

The geometry of haunches can be set using the relative coordinates. And you can have as many haunches as you need. Just click on the plus button and add a new one. Then specify the cross-section of the haunch and assign it to the correct edge. On top of that, the haunch can be aligned to the member's top edge, bottom edge, or center.

Reinforcement can be specified in two ways. The first one is with the help of rebar assembly using the editor that you may know from our other concrete applications. You must define the reinforcement for each part of the member - tapered and prismatic.

The second is via option "General rebar." In that case, you can model, e.g., continuous rebar along the length of the concrete member using coordinates.

When you are done modeling, nothing stops you from running the analysis. It is up to you whether you run the linear analysis (LA) first or jump straight to geometrically and materially nonlinear analysis (GMNA).

Be aware that GMNA doesn't include the shear check. For such an assessment, the linear analysis must be run. The thermal analysis is not supported for tapered members.

Available in both Expert and Enhanced editions of IDEA StatiCa Concrete and Prestressing.

Download and try features of IDEA StatiCa 22.1


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Release notes IDEA StatiCa 22.1

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Release notes IDEA StatiCa 22.1