Basic assumptions of Compatible Stress Field Method (CSFM)

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Compatible Stress Field Method (CSFM) is an innovative method implemented in IDEA StatiCa Concrete used for the design of reinforced concrete structures. Let’s take a look behind the scenes of our software and see for yourselves that there is no need to be afraid of using CSFM calculations in your projects. 

Fig: a) Wall with openings b) Shear wall c) Beam with dapped ends and openings d) Bridge pier e) Bridge diaphragm 

See the introduction video about CSFM and IDEA StatiCa Detail:

CSFM offers much more than just ULS checks. The advanced state of the method is based on modified compression field theory, implementation of tension stiffening, and distinguishing between stabilized or non-stabilized cracking; hence we perform SLS checks of the concrete member. Thus, we can observe crack widthdeformation, and stresses corresponding to SLS combinations.

Watch the recording of a webinar where the theory behind the CSFM was explained in detail. 

If you are interested in the method itself, see some more resources:

Article summarizing the principles of the method: CSFM explained

Extensive theoretical background where you will find in detail the material methods used, how the model is built and meshed, and how the individual values are calculated: Theoretical Background

The method (CSFM) is implemented in IDEA StatiCa Detail.

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