Improvement of stiffness calculation

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A correct determination of reinforced concrete section stiffness is the critical characteristic for serviceability limit states assessments. It is not a trivial task. There are many theories or approaches on how to calculate the resulting RC section stiffness. 

In version 21.0, we slightly changed the calculation principles and, most importantly, cleaned up or rearrange the result presentation. 

As you know, in the previous versions, some values for stiffness calculation were displayed repeatedly, while others were missing. It was hard to understand it, kind of black box. Now, the users can find straightforward and comprehensive tables listing all necessary stiffness values and inter-result in the Stiffness tab of the RCS app. You can easily find out the stiffness corresponding to a characteristic or quasi-permanent combination, the bending moment at the first occurrence of cracking, etc.

Available in Expert and Enhanced edition.

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