Influence of selected parameters on design optimisation of anchor joint

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The main topic of this article is a description of the real behavior of selected statically loaded anchor joints — design of individual anchor joint components in context of determination of selected parameters used during the anchor joint optimization process.

The article presents a research which is focused on developing a simplified engineering model of a steel or steel-to-concrete joint of a structure. Both the creation and solution of this simplified model should require only the most necessary material parameters, geometry, and short duration of solution. Therefore, the aim is to use a simple beam or shell elements instead of solid elements, complex contact parameters, and areas with detail modeling with keeping the same quality and accuracy of results.

The work was published in 2014 by the team of  Miroslav Bajer, Martin Vild, Jan Barnat, and Josef Holomek from the Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Institute of Metal and Timber Structures.  
The work was presented at the 12th International Conference on Steel, Space and Composite Structures, May 2014, Prague, Czech Republic. 

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