Parametric design options for IDEA StatiCa Connection

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Parametric design is an approach to design that uses parameters and algorithms to create and manipulate design elements. In parametric design, the relationships between different elements are defined by mathematical equations or rules, allowing for the creation of complex and dynamic forms.

In IDEA StatiCa, there are three possible areas to work with parametric design effectively.

Parameters in IDEA StatiCa Connection

The first usage of parametric design is the simplest. Each element, like a member, plate, bolt, or weld, can be defined by its shape, position, and material. 

For this purpose, you'll need to enable the Developer mode in Project / Preferences / Advanced Settings. 

In the tab Parameters, you can add Numbers (decimal sign is dot), Text (please use simple quotes), and even Equation. 

To link this parameter to the items defined by the Operations, just click on the Link icon. 

The button Set to model allows you to overwrite initial values to the Parameter values.

To get acquainted with all possibilities about the parameters, please look at the Reference guide.

More about this theme can be found also in the articles UX features in parametric design and Setting up parametric design with Developer Tab.

Plugin for Rhino/Grasshopper

Grasshopper3d is a visual programming package attached to the powerful modeling CAD software Rhino3d.

Combining Grasshopper with IDEA StatiCa's Open Model and APIs creates an extremely powerful platform for the parametric definition of complex connection geometry plus the automation and optimization of connections.

The plugin can be used in several ways:

  • it enables the creation of complex joints, even without an IDEA Connection license
  • import of a structure (SAF model, IOM model) and a bulk calculation of specified joints
  • optimizing joints in terms of shape, material, etc., using parameters      

For more, please visit Rhino to IDEA StatiCa workflow.

Design API's

IDEA StatiCa provides several general API's for the different apps and services that we provide. This is an excellent place to start if you are a computational designer or software developer looking to perform automated structural design and optimization tasks. Design API's are targeted toward both Python and C#/.Net users. 

You can start here or visit the IDEA StatiCa GitHub.   

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