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Meinhardt is one of the most respected Asian-based engineering companies in the world. Over the last 65 years, Meinhardt has become synonymous with trust, innovation and engineering excellence around the world. Our customers value our highly-buildable and sustainable solutions for complex projects that are commercially successful, save time and money.

Spanning developers, construction companies, government agencies, Multinational Corporations and NGOs, our customers from around the world count on our 5,000-strong global team in 51 offices to deliver projects to the highest quality. As a Group, we work with clients all over the world with diverse types of projects which include tall buildings, roads and highways, aviation, metros and railways, water, ports and power.

A global company with a personal touch, our 5,000 staff in 51 offices believe in challenging the status quo and delivering quality work that consistently exceeds clients’ expectations.

That is why more than 50% of them are repeat customers.

With our Australian heritage, global headquarters in Singapore and proven track record in Asia, the Middle East & Europe since the 1970s, we blend the best of East & West in our thinking and management.

We aspire to be the world’s preferred infrastructure and urban solutions partner.

Meinhardt: Transforming Cities, Shaping the Future.

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