IDEA Open Model API improved

Do you need to connect your FEA or CAD software with IDEA StatiCa? To smooth out your workflows and processes, we re-worked the IDEA Open Model (IOM) interface from scratch to facilitate linking between IDEA StatiCa and any kind of third party software.

IDEA Open Model (IOM) is a public API that can be used for the implementation of the link of any application with IDEA StatiCa products. For example, the IOM interface can be used for the implementation of the link of FEA software with IDEA StatiCa products like Connection or Beam.

We have placed all information such as repositories and IOM-examples at the GitHub community. The forum can be used for resolving issues with implementation IDEA StatiCa IOM by third parties.

Find out first samples for this tool on GitHub and join the community of developers to help us improve workflows between various software.

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