Connection Browser renamed Connection Library

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The clever design template feature called Connection Browser is renamed Connection Library. This is due to further development of this feature and similar web-based services for a broader community of engineers.

The Connection Library functionality will not be touched by this change, it still uses the Cloud-based technology and provides design templates to be directly used for new projects, saved in the database from current projects, and shared with your colleagues.

The design sets will be slightly renamed as well following this pattern:

  • Predefined (before IDEA StatiCa) – the default design set maintained by IDEA StatiCa, not possible to manage.
  • Personal (before Private) – a design set visible only to the current user, possible to add/delete/manage templates.
  • Company (before Company) – a design set visible only to all users of the same license, possible to add/delete/manage templates.

Available in both Expert and Enhanced editions of IDEA StatiCa Steel.

Download the new version of IDEA StatiCa and try all the features

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