IDEA StatiCa works with your STRAP. You can export nodes of your STRAP model to IDEA StatiCa and design all your steel connections, including complete checks as per the selected code. All exported nodes contain the model geometry, materials, and cross-sections used in members connected to the nodes, as well as the internal force results for specified load cases and combinations. IDEA StatiCa and STRAP give you an efficient workflow for your structural steel design that saves time, minimizes errors, and opens up optimization possibilities.

STRAP and IDEA StatiCa Workflow

You do not need anything special to get started - just download and install both applications on the same PC, And you can start exporting and designing steel connections right away!

Export, design, and generate a report

STRAP combined with IDEA StatiCa Checkbot will allow you to model, design, load, and check steel connections of any topology and loading. 

Scope of the BIM link

Linked applications: IDEA StatiCa Connection

STRAP 2022 and IDEA StatiCa version 22 and newer (April 2022 onwards) -  BIM link is managed by IDEA StatiCa Checkbot - an application for the management of BIM workflows. This means for you:

  • Export and synchronize connections and members easily
  • Complete control over all of your imported connections and members
  • A clear list of all imported items, including status checked/not-checked
  • 3D visualization of imported members and loads
  • Conversion table for materials and cross-sections
  • Load combinations management

Read more about How Checkbot works.

Here you can download a PDF file with the details for using STRAP and IDEA StatiCa.

STRAP link video

How does the link work with older IDEA StatiCa versions?

IDEA StatiCa versions up to and including 21.0 (released April 2021) are using the application Code-check manager.

This option is NOT supported by STRAP, so you will need to upgrade to version 22 (April 2022 onwards).

Also, in older versions of STRAP (up to 2021, included), there is no option to link with IDEA StatiCa, there for you must upgrade to STRAP 2022.


STRAP BIM link is developed and maintained by ATIR Engineering Software Development. IDEA StatiCa does not take any responsibility for this integration. All technical requirements and questions about the integration must be addressed to the developer.

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