Kiernan Structural Steel

The core business of Kiernan Steel is structural steel design, detailing, fabrication, off-site intumescent painting & site erection for large scale commercial and industrial projects. To date, we have designed and fabricated buildings, in Ireland, UK, Germany, Portugal and the Netherlands to name but a few.

Kiernan Steel also offers an innovative super light-weight beam option called SIN Beam which utilizes a corrugated steel web to add strength whilst reduces the overall weight of the beam. To date, clients have experienced cost savings of up to 30% by using this type of beam system.

Kiernan Steel pride themselves in their commitment to achieving exceptionally high standards in terms of health and safety, quality, sustainability and indeed environmental. In recent years, we have implemented LEAN philosophies into our business and strive to continuously improve all aspects of our business.

L'implémentation du logiciel IDEA dans notre entreprise a vraiment changé le travail pour nous. Il nous aide à créer des attaches légères, rentables et structuralement efficaces, tout en nous donnant une flexibilité de concevoir une attache en toutes les configurations qu'on peut imaginer avec confiance que les attaches sont créées selon les normes de construction pertinentes.
Mirivano Carrig
Mirivano Carrig
Ingénieur en structure – Kiernan Structural Steel

Études de cas des clients

Curragh Racecourse, Newbridge, Ireland

Projets des clients

Curragh Racecourse, Newbridge