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Software-ul IDEA StatiCa este un instrument extrem de eficient care ne-a ajutat să ne eficientizăm procesele de proiectare a conexiunii. Licența bazată pe cloud ne facilitează accesul la software de oriunde, iar echipa de asistență este întotdeauna la îndemână pentru a rezolva orice problemă.
Ryan Malachy
Ryan Malachy
Managing Director – Alan White Design
United Kingdom
IDEA StatiCa Connection funcționează ușor și rapid. Nu există nicio altă soluție alternativă pe piață care să ofere atât metoda FEM, cât și metoda componentelor cu elemente finite. IDEA Statica este un instrument solid și bun pentru proiectarea conexiunilor noastre din oțel.
Prof. Dr. Ir. Luc Schueremans
Prof. Dr. Ir. Luc Schueremans
Engineering Manager – Frisomat
IDEA StatiCa allows a stress analysis to be carried out on very complex connections and the software is very easy to use. This aided our connection design for the main node connections on The Marshall Building.
Mark Hill
Mark Hill
Associate Director – Bourne Group Ltd
United Kingdom
Implementing the IDEA software into our company has been a real turning point for us. It allows us to create connections that are lightweight, cost-effective and structurally efficient all the while giving us the flexibility to design a connection to any imaginable configuration whilst still giving us the confidence that the connections are designed in accordance with the relevant design standards.
Mirivano Carrig
Mirivano Carrig
Structural Engineer – Kiernan Structural Steel
IDEA StatiCa Connection is a very helpful package for the modeling of a wide range of joints in steel structures. Modeling and interpretation of the results requires an understanding of the forces within a node and is equal to the complexity of the connection.
Gordon Clannachan
Gordon Clannachan
Senior Structural Engineer – ARUP

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