IDEA StatiCa just got an upgrade - meet 23.1!

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With your speed, efficiency, and safety very much in mind, we are proud to announce the release of our latest version of IDEA StatiCa, 23.1. In the demanding and high-pressured world of structural engineering, you can look forward to many new features and improvements that can help you consistently tackle many of the challenges you experience.

Although there are many highlights of our latest release, I will just briefly touch upon some of them to give you a flavor of what we have in store for you.

Best-in-class exports

When it comes to accurate data exchange, the ultimate goal is to avoid the need to create the same model twice. That’s why you can now leverage powerful Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) exporting from our Connection app, which is a vendor-agnostic format, meaning it can be read by any BIM software. Now you can be sure that your detailers get all the details, including a geometrically accurate model of the connection with all the bolts, welds, and materials. Accurate exports are now just a click away!

We’re off to see the wizard

Making member designs is now easier and more accessible than ever before. Just click one of the frequently modeled use cases in the wizard, helping you understand the member and its added value very quickly. Plus, with the rigid support member, it is possible to leverage the simple inputting of boundary conditions.

Automatic temperature calculations

Fire design is a critical aspect of any construction project, which is why we were so keen to make it available to you in version 22.1. Well, in this release, we have gone a step further and given Fire Design a major enhancement. We are thrilled to share with you that IDEA StatiCa Connection is now the only application available that can calculate the fire resistance of steel joints automatically!

Auto-design welds with ease

You can now auto-design welds to estimate their total capacity by the click of one button. This means you can optimize the weld size based on the welded plate strength and shorten the design time. All of this happens while at the same time ensuring the safe weld size for all welds in your connection project.

Avoid having too much on your plate

To help with checking minimum plate thickness and ductility, there are now alerts in the Connection app for when welds and bolts (or bolts and preloaded bolts) are used for connecting the same plates. Also, you will receive an automatic warning when an electrode stronger than the base material has been used.

Better unified user interface

To bring IDEA StatiCa Detail more in line with the Connection app, as well as provide better UX, a smoother workflow, and increases in speed and performance, Detail’s graphical user interface (GUI) has had a major facelift. This brings the second wizard of the release, allowing you to select the type of project or model you want to use. There is also a ribbon with new icons and the navigation tree contains filtered comments depending on the entity being worked on, plus much, much more, give it a go!

backstage menu in Detail app

Making the right connections

For those of you looking for inspiration when it comes to connection design, go and try out our Connection Library, which is the first database in the industry to contain over 400,000 real-life connections. Also, did we mention it is free?

To get a complete picture of what IDEA StatiCa version 23.1 contains, be sure to check out the release notes, download the latest version, and try it out for yourself using the link below. We cannot wait to hear your feedback!

Take IDEA StatiCa 23.1 for test drive today