Summer Series - One or two joints?

Дата вебинара: 12.08.2020

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  • Import of joints via BIM links from FEA programs
  • How are the internal forces used in the analysis
  • Comparison of two approaches – one complex vs two simple models


Адам Кожоушек
Адам Кожоушек Инженер по развитию продукта
IDEA StatiCa
Is your steel connection model in IDEA StatiCa correct, or should you split it into two separate models instead? This is an easy one while dealing with simple joints, but what about the complex ones? And what about those in between?

Join our Summer Series webinar and find out how to deal with models consisting of more structural nodes and how are the internal forces applied there.

Objective 1 – Internal forces in a complex model

Learn about the input of load effects, how are they used for the analysis and code-check and why should you keep the forces in equilibrium.

Objective 2 – Comparing split models

Let's take a look at a complex joint consisting of two nodes, split it into two, and compare the results to find out about the best practice.

Webinar recording

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