Column with bracket according to ACI

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  • How to design a column with bracket using a predefined template
  • How to input the loads and internal forces correctly
  • How to reinforce the discontinuity region with the help of our Design tools
  • Interpretation of results


Орсолия Картали
Орсолия Картали Инженер по развитию продукта
IDEA StatiCa
Петра Комаркова
Петра Комаркова Инженер по развитию продукта
IDEA StatiCa
Columns with brackets are often related to industrial halls and buildings. They have to bear huge loads in both vertical and horizontal directions and are therefore critical parts of these structures.

Engineers usually design them via strut-and-tie models, which is a time-consuming method and while it provides safe design, it does not allow us to check cracks or deflections.

Join our webinar and see how to design and code-check a column with a bracket in IDEA StatiCa Detail according to ACI within minutes! Using our innovative technology, which is based on the CSFM (Continuous Stress Field Method), we are able to check crack widths and deflections as well as the bearing capacity of the member in the Ultimate Limit State.

Join our experienced Product Engineers and calculate yesterday’s estimates!

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