Template application dialogue with sketches and parameters

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For applying new designs from Connection library templates, you can use the enhanced dialogue. This smart feature removes limitations with the bolt sizes, stiffening member or cleat element cross-sections and materials.

We have introduced the enhanced sketches or, in other words, simple drawings of connections that can be added and printed in the final report. Any defined sketch (user-defined section) can a part of design template published in the Connection Library. 

When such a design template is applied to a new connection model, the redesigned conversion dialogue pops up enabling users to:

  • See the design standard of the template and the design standard of the current project
  • See an overview of members, which one is bearing (underscored), and the mapping between them
  • Control mapping of stiffening members
    • Each operation has its own row
    • Each operation can have an assigned new CSS which will be added to the project
  • Control mapping of materials (welds, steel, concrete ...)
  • Control the bolt assemblies mapping
  • Control pins mapping
  • Together with the template the parameters and parametric properties are copied
  • Together with the template the sketches are produced

Released in IDEA StatiCa version 24.0.

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