Steel BIM – Advanced approach to structural steel design using Tekla Structures, ConSteel and IDEA StatiCa

How often have you faced a situation where you were dealing with a complex project topology, difficult steel connections, unconventional structural stability situation or something else not covered by the books? Join this partner webinar of IDEA StatiCa and ConSteel to find out about steel BIM workflows for structural engineers that break the limits of standard projects.

Do you need buckling analysis, stiffness analysis or workflow with Tekla structures and ConSteel? Maybe it’s time to start playing with the connections not to fight them. Join our webinar and explore a novel way to design and check all steel structures and connections according to the code, in minutes.

We will demonstrate following examples:

  • Complex freeform steel roof project with non-standard connections and advanced stability analysis
  • General footing
  • Stiffness analysis
  • Buckling sensitivity analysis for complex steel structures

Join our webinar on 22th November 2017. We run the session at 14:00 CET (Amsterdam time). Register below at the same time and join the session.


Recorded video from 22.11.2017

Join the Webinar and learn about:

  • BIM – based workflows for steel structures and connection design which increase your productivity
  • How IDEA StatiCa works  with Tekla structures and ConSteel
  • How to safely check any steel connection acc. to the code
  • Proper stiffness checks of any steel connection according to the code
  • How to interpret stiffness analysis results
  • Buckling analysis
  • How to deal with general footing
  • How to you use EuroCode General method to calculate global stability in case of complex steel structure


Andras Herbay
ConSteel Solutions kft.

Roland Doka
Structural Engineer
ConSteel Solutions kft.
David Kucera
Product Engineer
IDEA StatiCa