Calculation of steel joint design resistance – reinvented!

Structural engineers usually design steel connections/joints so that they are able to carry the known design load. But it is also useful to know how far the design is from the limit state, or else, how big is the reserve in the design and how safe it is. This can be done very easily with the new type of analysis in IDEA StatiCa Connection  – Joint design resistance. 

We will show how we input the design loads on various steel connections and then use IDEA StatiCa Connection to automatically increase the load cases until one of the checks is not satisfied. Then we get the ratio of maximal load to the design load. Also, a simple and visual diagram is provided to display the results.

Join this webinar to explore a novel way to design and check of steel connections, including joint design resistance. IDEA StatiCa Connection can deal with any topology and loading in minutes.

We will demonstrate following examples:

  • General 3D Joint
  • Complex joint, imported from Tekla Structures

We run two same sessions: the first at 10:00 CEST (Amsterdam time), followed by another one at 12:00 EDT (New York time). Register below for both at the same time and join the session that fits your day.

Join the Webinar and learn about:

  • How to start using IDEA StatiCa quickly to design and evaluate the joints
  • How to interpret results of Joint design resistance
  • How to determine the reserve in the bearing capacity of joint
  • How to safely check any steel connection acc. to the code
  • Workflows with CAE and CAD programs


Marek Michna
Consultant, IDEA StatiCa
David Kucera
Product Engineer, IDEA StatiCa

Filip Adler
Product Engineer, IDEA StatiCa

Recording from 13.9.2017