Focus on anchoring – May 16th

Tips for anchoring design and code-check

We want to invite you to IDEA StatiCa Connection webinar focused on the anchoring. This time we will take a very close look on the design and code-check of where the steel and concrete meets – footing, anchoring.  We will go through the possibilities of the model definition and checks. We will show three new code checks for the shear iron, check of concrete resistance based on EN 1993-1-8 with the influence of an effective area of the base plate, check of concrete cone failure resistance and concrete edge failure of anchors based on ETAG-001 and much more.

Webinar program:

  • Theoretical intro – dive into the code, basic examples in practice
  • Balustrade anchoring – design and code check of balustrade anchoring, stiffening member definition and anchor input
  • Steel column anchoring – input of the shear iron, different ways how to transfer the shear force
  • Rod anchoring – design of general anchoring, connection by one bolt

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Join the Webinar and learn about:

  • How to quickly use IDEA StatiCa to design and check footing/anchoring
  • Dealing with balustrade anchoring to a concrete slab
  • Definition of the anchors for multiple parts anchoring
  • How to deliver clear results for verification


Vit Hurcik
Product Engineer
IDEA StatiCa

David Kucera
Product Engineer
IDEA StatiCa