Connection Wednesdays – How to fine-tune connection of hollow sections

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Join the webinar and learn about

  • Creating a connection model from scratch
  • How to add composed hollow cross-section
  • Using operations Rib, Stiffening plate and Cut of plate
  • How to add welds quickly and in effective way
  • How every small detail plays a big role


Adam Kozousek
Adam Kozousek Product Engineer
IDEA StatiCa
Petra Topinkova
Petra Topinkova Product Engineer
IDEA StatiCa
In summer 2018 the new bus station in Rosenheim, south Germany was opened with celebrations. This small but awesome project utilized the most advanced technologies on all sides. Let's learn together how IDEA StatiCa Connection fitted well in the structural design here.

Join the last webinar this year and get inspired by the perfectionist job the Germans engineers did planning and designing the local bus terminal.

Rosenheim bus station project of art

The roofing of the bus station is designed as a steel and glass construction. But the glass on the roof is a semi-transparent photovoltaic system transmitting enough light during the day and storing electricity for the lighting overnight as well as the overall electronic information system

Custom welded hollow cross-sections were used to form the bearing structure as well as serve for the cable routes and installations to fulfill the highest architectural requirements.

Read more in the articles from Leicht, ibeko-solar, and Stadttipps Rosenheim.

How to create a non-standard connection

We will revise the Leicht engineer's job. At the time, they built the connection model from scratch, using various "box" cross-section options for members and operations "stiffening plates" for custom connecting plates and inside stiffeners, "cut of plate" to shape and weld them, and "rib" to form stiffening easier way.

Today, you can take advantage of BIM links and import the detailed connection from your CAD program or geometry with load combinations from your FEA program.

Leicht company

LEICHT Structural engineering and specialist consulting GmbH is an independent structural engineering firm with offices in Germany, France, and the USA. As a well-known expert in lightweight structures, structural engineering, and extraordinary projects, LEICHT has successfully completed more than 600 national and international projects since 2007.

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