User-defined material properties

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In case you need to change material properties, such as steel grades, bolt grades, material for rebars, pre/post-tensioning cables, etc., IDEA StatiCa provides a special tool for user-defined properties. It is called MPRL – Material Properties Range Library. This library can help you to store, manage, export, and share personally defined properties of many different settings from IDEA StatiCa programs. 

How does it work? Let’s change the properties of steel material (can be edited by pencil Edit command), we will edit the name of the material in the project and properties as we need. Proceed with saving it by the Save command.

Now we have to define the name of the material in the database and category – table (for sorting purposes). Let’s proceed with the three dots button.

And I want to have a special category My Company’s table of materials.

By confirming the properties via the OK button, we can go back to the application main window.

Now it’s time to open the MPRL application from the command in the ribbon.

All saved properties can be found in the right category from the navigator window. Last important step is to Save the changes – File —> Save.

From now, all relevant saved properties are accessible from all IDEA StatiCa applications. We can share it – Export and Import with the other users even on other workstations.