Steel-to-timber connections

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Steel-to-timber connection design and a check was a required feature for a long time. The technology was already developed, but first, it had to undergo some research. Finally, we can introduce timber-steel connections to extend the possibilities of connection design.

Example of steel-to-timber connections.

Example of steel-to-timber connection.

Results on the connecting steel plates can be obtained. Code checks for the steel plates are available according to the chosen code. Code checks of timber members, bolts, and dowels are not delivered and must be performed by a third-party application. On the other hand, IDEA StatiCa Connection application delivers acting shear and tension forces on each bolt or dowel for the precise manual code-check.

Two new manufacturing operations were implemented for timber members – Gusset plate and Connecting plate. Users can make the selection in the Manufacturing operations menu.

Gusset plate and Connecting plate for timber members manufacturing operations

To help you with designing of steel-to-timber connections, new templates were added to the application wizard.

Steel-to-timber connection templates.

This feature is available for the Enhanced version of IDEA StatiCa Steel.