IDEA StatiCa Connection Lite application

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Do you need to check a steel connection but you don’t have the IDEA StatiCa Connection license? Connection Lite is a cloud web-based application for the analysis of most common connections. It provides a free and fast preview of IDEA StatiCa Connection functionality.

Try to model and check several commonly used connections with the help of customizable templates in the online version of IDEA StatiCa Connection. Define the topology, edit properties, get a full report or export your project to DWG for further use in seconds.

Connection Lite provides models of several connection types:

  • Colum bases
  • Rigid joints
  • Pinned joints
  • Column and beam splices
  • Hollow section joints

With this application, you are able to select the joint type, adjust member cross-sections, steel grade, add stiffeners or haunches, adjust their sizes and thicknesses, select bolt size and grade, and weld size. The model can be seen in a 3D window.

You can also apply loads and calculate the materially nonlinear analysis. The results are shown in an overall check and brief results are shown in a table. After signing in, the user can generate a report. 

Please mind, the analysis in the background follows the solver developed in October 2019 and its version is not being updated. 

Watch our product engineer Adam showcasing the key elements and features of Connection Lite:

Models used in the Connection Lite correspond to the following model type settings:

  • The models with fixed joints have model type set to N-Vy-Vz-Mx-My-Mz and position of shear force in a node.
Connection Lite joint
  • The models with pinned joints have model type set to N-Vz-My and position of shear force set in bolts.
IDEA StatiCa Connection Lite joint
  • The models with plate splices have model type set to N-Vy-Mz and position of shear force set in node.
IDEA StatiCa Connection Lite joint

You can use and enjoy this application FREE of charge without any limits or restrictions.