How to merge the same 3D joint model from CAD and FEA software?

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CAD software is a very good tool for the final design of your connections. While from FEA software we have internal forces.

We will show you how to merge 3D joint model from CAD software with internal forces imported from a FEM software structural joint model. This feature is available for all supported FEM/CAD software.

In the background, there is the algorithm which compares the position of the members in both projects. It means you don´t have to care about the order of member. Only bearing one should be the same.

 If the topology of connections you want to merge is different (different number of members; the difference in rotation of members; ...) software will give you a warning and nothing will be imported. Also, the option Loads in equilibrium (unbalanced forces = 0) is the check for you.