Do I have to turn off the IDEA StatiCa license to pass the license to my colleague?

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This answer is valid for IDEA StatiCa version 20.1.

Are you and your colleagues online all the time and want to share the license quickly? Or do you want an option to leave the office and finish your work on the road without an Internet connection? You can do both with the new licensing of IDEA StatiCa.

You can define if your license should be released or not in the initial dialog checkbox. If the “Keep me signed” checkbox is checked, the license stays on your computer for 72 hours without the need to be connected to the Internet. And nobody else can access it.  You might switch your PC off and on during this time. This is useful for work trips, home office, or workplaces with an unstable Internet connection.

If this checkbox is empty, the license seat will be returned to the license pool immediately after you close IDEA StatiCa. The offline window is not activated, and other users in your organization can get your license immediately. However, this requires a constant connection to the Internet. This is useful for bigger groups of engineers with a stable Internet connection.