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Release notes IDEA StatiCa Steel 8.0

Selected load cases from SCIA Engineer to IDEA StatiCa via XML

Creating of XML file

BIM link between IDEA StatiCa BIM and IDEA StatiCa Beam

How to create XML file for IDEA StatiCa BIM app

SCIA Engineer BIM link for connection design

SCIA Engineer BIM link for concrete design (EN)

Design of a continuous composite bridge

Joint import from SCIA Engineer

Combinations from SCIA Engineer to IDEA StatiCa

Display of internal forces

Detailed beam code-check results

Reinforced or prestressed concrete beam?

IDEA StatiCa Concrete - Hot helpdesk topics

BIM – Design and code-check of beams created in SCIA Engineer

Telecommunication tower joint imported from SCIA Engineer

Curved shear wall design

Retrofit of a reinforced concrete arch bridge, Czech Republic

Supporting structure of a conveyor belt, Germany

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