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Known limitations for Advance Steel

Opening older models in newer version

Weld size differences between EC and AISC (CISC) codes

General theoretical background

IDEA StatiCa Member Theoretical background

Impact of boundary conditions

Member model organization

LBA simply supported beams in bending

LBA of beams with various boundary conditions

Geometrically and materially nonlinear analysis with imperfections (GMNIA) of columns in compression

What to know before you start using IDEA StatiCa Member application?

Types of analysis in member design

Geometrically and materially nonlinear analysis with imperfections (GMNIA) of beams in bending

Sample projects for steel member design

IDEA StatiCa Member BETA

How to change units in IDEA StatiCa Connection

Do I have to be a FEM expert to use IDEA StatiCa Steel?

Modeling in IDEA StatiCa Member

Why IDEA StatiCa Member?

How do the BIM links work for IDEA StatiCa Member?

Become a certified connection design professional

Ready to master analysis, design, and code-check skills of various steel connections for everyday engineering practice? Our online course can help you

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