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Licensing dialog box in 20.1 version

How to sign out a stuck license

Setting up a commercial license

How can I recover my forgotten password?

How do I see real-time usage of license products?

How to add users who are assigned to another license?

Is the old licensing (up to version 10) still working?

What kind of protocol and encryption is used when communicating with the licensing server?

System requirements for IDEA StatiCa

How to find User ID?

How to set which products I take from the license pool?

The product has been already activated

How do the network licenses/seats work?

Unknown error: NetKey: Cannot connect to the NetKey License Server! [0x015100]

The request failed with an empty response

ActSvr: Trial license has been already activated for this computer. (1234567890)

Additional activation is used up

Account not found

Can I use more trial licenses on my computer?

What licensing system does IDEA StatiCa use?

What is coming in IDEA StatiCa 20

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