Summer Series – Best practice for designing of prestressed beams

Дата вебинара: 19.08.2020

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IDEA StatiCa Beam

  • Ideal geometry of the beam
  • Boundary conditions
  • Loads (point/uniform load)
  • Export to IDEA StatiCa Detail

IDEA StatiCa Detail

  • How to handle construction stages and rheology load cases after export
  • Optimization of point forces and supports
  • Prestressing in CS
  • Interpretation of the results


Lukas Juricek
Lukas Juricek Product Engineer
IDEA StatiCa
Are you a structural engineer focusing on the prestressed girders and want to know how to design these members safely in IDEA StatiCa? Do you want to find out how the BIM link between IDEA StatiCa Beam and Detail app works? If your answer is yes, our forthcoming webinar is the right one for you.

We will show you how to design, support, and load a model in the IDEA StatiCa Beam application for the following export to the Detail application. We will introduce some processing in the Detail app for the correct behavior of the model after export. Then we will follow with an explanation of the import of combinations created in the previous step in the Beam app.

Example 1 – pre-tensioned saddle beam

Pre-tensioned saddle beam subjected to uniform load and concentrated loads, all exported from IDEA StatiCa Beam to IDEA StatiCa Detail.

Example 2 – compression stress distribution in concrete

Stress results based on non-linear analysis (CSFM) of a pre-tensioned saddle beam.

Webinar recording

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