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CSFM explained

Теоретические основы – IDEA StatiCa Detail

Reinforced concrete wall with openings

Wall with openings on piles

Reinforced beam with openings

Haunched prestressed roof girder

Transverse girder with opening (ACI)

Reinforced concrete 5-floor wall with openings

Reinforced deep beam with opening

Wall with non-aligned openings

Reinforcement template in IDEA StatiCa Detail

How to model a beam with haunches and openings in Detail

Structural design of a dapped end with an opening (EN)

Axis BIM link for for the structural concrete beam design (EN)

Prestressed beam with openings (EN)

FE analysis of prestressed concrete beams with large openings

Solve critical parts of shear walls

How to design a prestressed beam with openings easily?

Summer Series – Design and check of RC beam from AxisVM

What is coming in IDEA StatiCa 9.0 for Concrete