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Stantec, Longueuil – is one of the largest offices in Quebec. More than 300 professionals take part here in multidisciplinary engineering and urban design teams, backed by their extensive knowledge of the milieu and more than 50 years of know-how.

Stantec's professionals approach each project with a fresh perspective and combine their expertise to propose integrated, creative solutions adapted to the clients’ needs. With thousands of local and international projects under our belt, our team thrives on Longueuil’s vitality and diversity to build strong, sustainable communities.
We are active members of the community we serve and are proud of our contribution to structuring projects that shape Longueuil and the entire province.

Благодаря IDEA StatiCa Connection мы всего за 1 день выполняем тот объём работ, на который ранее у нас уходила неделя. Сегодня мне приходится использовать только ADC с некоторыми ручными проверками.
Denis Lefebvre
Denis Lefebvre
Руководитель экспертизы, Промышленное и гражданское строительство и мосты – Stantec

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394-футовый (120-метровый) надземный переход St-Jacques, Montreal, Canada