In our next webinar, we are going to focus on a very common problem in the process of importing a joint to IDEA StatiCa Connection via BIM link from a CAD software – either Advance Steel or Tekla Structures.

Based on our daily experience in supporting our customers in this field, the biggest issue is that the joints in the 3D CAD model are not properly done (in some cases even almost not designed at all!). Sometimes you got welds missing, wrong bolts settings, strange material properties, overcomplicated input, etc. This is essential, since what you create in your drawing, the same you import into IDEA StatiCa. And, you might think at this moment — garbage in, garbage out.

However, we can still profit from even a badly prepared joint by repairing the design in IDEA StatiCa Connection, analyzing and code-checking it there, and then going back to the 3D CAD model implementing the final design into the original drawing. This can be also shortcutted by using the 3D DWG export via our Project viewer. We will showcase the whole approach on an example of a suspension joint imported from Tekla Structures.

 Are you interested in how to overcome poorly prepared details and still get the connection properly code-checked? Then, join our next Connection Wednesdays regular webinar, and find out more about how IDEA StatiCa can help you to get over your daily structural engineering issues.

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