Every concrete structure has several parts with some form of discontinuity – bracket, opening, anchorage, etc. In spite of discontinuity regions being present in every concrete structure, no single solution exists so far for the complete design of concrete details, walls, and diaphragms.

A new method and a software tool allow engineers to design appropriate concrete dimensions as well as location and amount of reinforcement in an efficient way, providing safe and economical designs based on valid standards. It is based on a computer-aided implementation of stress field models. This software includes methods for design of walls and discontinuity regions, safe and economic design, assessment based on valid standards and many other benefits.

The development trend of IDEA StatiCa is to provide engineers with a generic, complete, and easy-to-use solution for designing and dimensioning structural elements, cross-sections, and details in accordance with applicable standards. We believe that IDEA StatiCa Detail provides a solution on the level of advanced non-linear programs, but at the same time, it will be commonly used for day-to-day practical design.

Full article Solutions of walls and details of concrete structures can be found here






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