No more struggle with steel connection design

Design and code-check all your steel connections. Any topology and loading, safely and in minutes.

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Be safe, save time, optimize

IDEA StatiCa is a steel connection design software for all types of welded and bolted connections, base plates, footings, and anchoring.

  • Intuitive design of simple and even highly complex connections
  • Pass/fail results for any connection, based on AISC, Eurocode, etc.
  • 250 ready-made templates, 10,000+ configurations
  • Easy application of any required loading to the project
  • Complete report including  stiffness, seismicity and buckling

We solve
your connections

Watch how IDEA StatiCa transforms one of the biggest pains of steel design into a practical solution for your daily work. No matter the complexity of topology or loading, you can design and code-check whatever connections and joints your project requires. And get a comprehensive report which will prove it to everybody else. This is a connection design tool every structural engineer and detailer deserves to have.

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IDEA StatiCa was the first one to combine the traditional Component method (i.e equations) with FEM analysis. Together with universities, we have created a method called CBFEM, tested it thoroughly, and enabled its usage in a beautiful engineering application.

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Case studies

Anchorage design of steel spherical storage tanks, Canada

In this case study, Odan Detech Group presents a project that they have been involved in – stress analysis and design of a generic propane/butane storage sphere in a high seismic area.
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Curved shear wall design, United Kingdom

In this article, we are presenting a case study of IDEA StatiCa RCS through a real project from one of our customers, which although relatively small-scaled, presents the designer with several challenges that make the calculation of internal forces complex, with the biggest one being the curved concrete walls.
Leggi caso di studio

Bus station steel structure, Rosenheim, Germany

Together with LEICHT Structural engineering and specialist consulting GmbH (“LEICHT”), we are happy to present a case study of using IDEA StatiCa on a project of a new bus station in Rosenheim, Bavaria, Germany.
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It’s been an enriching experience in a very well organized course and a great chance to learn a state of the art connection software. I totally recommend this course!
Dumitru Candale
Dumitru Candale
Design Engineer
From all IDEA StatiCa applications, we use mainly the module Connection. Thanks to it we can design joints we were not able to solve before. And do it quickly. We also like the user interface.
Libor Kozik
Libor Kozik
Structural Engineer – FIRESTA-Fiser, rekonstrukce, stavby
Czech Republic
Risparmia tempo
Risparmia tempo nel progetto e nella verifica secondo la normativa di connessioni e dettagli. Centinaia di modelli, nessun limite alla topologia.
Progetto affidabile
Valuta rapidamente la fattibilità di connessioni e dettagli in qualsiasi fase di progetto. Migliora la presentazione del tuo lavoro ai clienti.
Sfrutta il BIM
Importa dati da applicazioni CAD o FEA. Le ipotesi sincronizzate si adattano per riflettere eventuali modifiche apportate. Riduci al minimo gli errori.
Verifiche con risultati chiari. Relazioni complete. Ipotesi progettuali esplicitate. Migliaia di test eseguiti per assicurare che il tuo progetto sia sicuro e pronto per essere costruito, in modo che tu possa dormire tranquillo.


Il nostro corso e-learning ti aiuterà a padroneggiare l'analisi, il progetto e la verifica delle connessioni in acciaio secondo normativa. Termina il corso e ottieni un certificato che ti farà distinguere e incrementerà il valore del tuo lavoro.

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