Through long bolts for hollow sections warning

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There is a warning regarding the analysis of through bolts for hollow sections (e.g. RHS). Both Bearing and Friction types of bolts in IDEA StatiCa applications are considered in the CBFEM analysis as nonlinear springs.

For this reason, analysis of through bolts is not accurate and those should be avoided in the model for code-checking connections and as member details. Through bolts should be modeled as solid pins, which is not yet a supported feature in IDEA StatiCa. Read more about bolts in the article Bolts and preloaded bolts.

Bolts are considered as through bolts for bolted connections with a gap between any connected plates greater than the tolerance limit of 3 mm.

For bolts with such a gap whose type is Friction - analysis can not run and a message is displayed in the 3D window with the name of the operation and the explanation.

For bolts with such a gap whose type is Bearing - tension/shear - there is a note in the report stating the results may not be accurate.

This update has been available since the 21.1.2 patch.

Available in both Expert and Enhanced editions of IDEA StatiCa Steel.

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