AxisVM BIM link for connection design

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This tutorial will show how to activate and use the link between AxisVM and IDEA StatiCa Connection.

1 How to activate the link

After installation of both programs, run IDEA StatiCa and start with the item BIM.

In the BIM wizard, continue with the item Activate your Bim Link. During the process notification "Run as administrator" appears. Please confirm with the button Yes.

AxisVM - Link Installer

 Select your version of AxisVM and click the button Install. The process of integration will start. 

AxisVM-BIM Link Installer

Start AxisVM. In the menu, Plugins are now installed all 3 Plugins of IDEA StatiCa.


2 How to use the link

Open the attached project in AxisVM, run the linear analysis. 

Go to menu item Plugins and choose IDEA StatiCa Connection.


 A wizard window opens, select the joint and corresponding members you want to transfer to IDEA StatiCa Connection and click on Connection

AxisVM-Joint selection

In the Wizard click on the name of the joint, schema of it appears in the window right.  Then you can continue with the button Definition of loads

AxisVM-Definition of loads

A new window opens and you can check all loads and combinations coming to IDEA from AxisVM. 

After checking all the loads and combinations you can click on Finish to end the import of this joint into IDEA StatiCa. 

AxisVM-Finish Node 4

To import another joint, go back to AxisVM and select the node Nr.8 and click on the button Connection

AxisVM-Select Node 8

Here we can go directly to the right 3D scheme on the right and click  Finish.

AxisVM-Finish Node 8

The same procedure we apply to nodes  6 and  2.

3 Design

This tutorial uses Metric units. you can set them in Project / Units.

Let's start with node 4. Click on Open and a window with the module Connection appears.

AxisVM-Open Node 4

In the upper ribbon,  click on +Operation in the upper ribbon and add a New operation Cut.

AxisVM-Operation Cut

Please modify the table according to the next picture.

AxisVM-Operation Cut

You can now add another operation by right-clicking on Operation to add a New operation End Plate.  Change the dimensions and welds according to the next picture.

AxisVM-Operation End Plate
AxisVM-Operation End Plate

The next Operation will be Stiffener.  You can change the dimensions according to the next picture. 

AxisVM - Stiffener
AxisVM-OperAxisVM - Stiffeneration Stiffener

Now you have to connect the member M9 by the operation Fin plate.

AxisVM - Fin plate
AxisVM - Fin plate

This plate has to be welded to the web of the member M16. So choose the operation Weld and set the values according to the next picture.  


To have a correct position of the loads, select member M9 and change in Model the position of the Forces to Bolts. See more about the correct load position.


The last Operation you have to apply is the Gusset plate operation to connect the diagonal.

AxisVM-Gusset plate
AxisVM-Gusset plate

4 Check

Now run the non-linear analysis based on CBFEM. 

5 Report

At last, we go to the tab Report. IDEA StatiCa offers a fully customizable report to print out or save in an editable format.


You have imported, designed, and code-checked a steel joint according to Eurocode. 

6 Known limitations for AxisVM

 See our Knowledgebase document


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