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AxisVM BIM link for member design (EN)

Using the plate Editor to shape a plate

Right mouse button actions

Parametric templates

Packing plate to merge different sizes of members

Opening in a member with manufacturing operation

Notched member connection of a continuous circular member

Mitre cut for connecting members and stiffening members

How to add inside or outside stiffener on the circular hollow member?

Member length

How to model footing with connecting plate

How to use a rod member

The right LCS orientation

Shifted position of internal forces

Stiffener manufacturing operation updated for welded cross-sections

Copying manufacturing operations

How to place the stiffening plate between two parts

Connection Wednesdays – Features to correct steel joint design

Connection Wednesdays – Common rookie mistakes on steel joints

Connection Wednesdays – CHS joints in practice

Templates and sharing – more effective workflow of joint design

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