A lot of engineers and detailers know IDEA StatiCa as the first software to be able to design complex connections. That is certainly true but creates a false impression on what is going on in our development for quite some time. 

Yes, back in 2014, most of the development capacity went to creating the code-checking engine for those complex connections, according to Eurocode, then adding AISC, followed by CISC, AU and other codes.

Tekla Structure workflow

For quite a few years now, we have been working on making IDEA StatiCa a part of the everyday workflows of engineers, for all connections, automatically combining data from various CAD and FEA applications.

IDEA StatiCa automatically detects a Tekla Structures installation on your PC and activates the link right away. Every connection in a Tekla model is up for grabs – you can export it to IDEA StatiCa in a few clicks and get a code-check in seconds. Change in Tekla? Just hit „synchronize“, IDEA StatiCa recalculates.

Tekla Structures BIM workflow

This has been working for the last 3 years. And created one big wish from the community – „Let engineers and detailers without IDEA StatiCa license also export from Tekla“. So we developed a FREE Tekla Structures plugin who does just that. And more. The exported connection can be visualized in our cloud-based Viewer, saved to a project file or generated as a 3D dwg file.

Are engineers and detailers really interested in talking about connection design? Well, see for yourself. In the last 30 days, over 8000 unique connection design projects were shared through our IDEA StatiCa Viewer. Worldwide, in one month.

We kindly ask you to support further development of workflows around Tekla Structures by voting for IDEA StatiCa export plugin in Tekla Development Awards 2019.

Voting closes November 30, hurry up and vote here!

Not sure? Watch this short video to see the Viewer in action:

Structural engineers and details deserve the best tools to design, analyze and code-check all steel connections required by the project. And to do it fast, on top of data they have already created somewhere else. IDEA StatiCa and Tekla is and will be doing just that!