Rebar optimization

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The rebar optimization tool is the brand-new part of IDEA StatiCa Detail version 10 for concrete applications. It enables us to define the optimal area of reinforcements and helps engineers to design the reinforcements with maximal utilization.

We introduced this brand-new feature on our April webinar.

Watch the practical showcase of rebar optimization and other new features included in IDEA StatiCa version 10 in the webinar recording:

With this new feature, you can optimize the ultimate limit state combinations only. Bilinear stress-strain diagram of reinforcement material with plastic branch allows maximal utilization of rebars. Using the checkboxes, you can select what you want to optimize – one group of bars, all longitudinal rebars or all groups of bars.

Note: By selecting the optimization of one group of bars only (Fig. 1), the calculation runs for this group and all the other diameters are not considered.

Optimization of one group of bars

Fig. 1: Optimization of all longitudinal rebars

Another option is to optimize all the longitudinal rebars of the detail (Fig. 2), wall or beam at once. In this case, the user must be aware of the fact that the group of bars is optimized together – due to interaction among rebar groups, the resultant utilization can be different to the utilization of only one group of bars.

Optimization of all longitudinal rebars

Fig. 2: Optimization of all longitudinal rebars

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