IDEA StatiCa Checkbot competing for Tekla BIM Awards 2020

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IDEA StatiCa Checkbot for Tekla Structures is one of 10 hot candidates for Tekla Developer Awards 2020. Checkbot is a brand-new application for automated steel connection design as per AISC, Eurocode, and other standards.

Tekla Global BIM Awards 2020 is a worldwide recognized competition that showcases more than 120 industry-leading BIM construction projects from around the world. As a part of this competition, Tekla Developer Awards 2020 introduces 10 top-of-tier innovations using one of the Tekla BIM APIs. Tekla Developer Awards competition is open to all Tekla developers, whether customers or partners, across the globe.

Just like last year, in 2020 IDEA StatiCa does not stand aside and this time we really strive for winning! The feature with our great white hope is the brand-new IDEA StatiCa Checkbot

IDEA StatiCa Checkbot for Tekla Structures

Checkbot for Tekla Structures is an application for automated steel connection design as per AISC, Eurocode, and other standards. Using Checkbot, engineers and detailers can select any number of connections in Tekla Structures, load them and code-check them in one go. Clear pass/fail checks for all the connections are available immediately.

IDEA StatiCa Checkbot results

Checkbot is the response to the strong community call for the better and automated structural design of steel connections inside Tekla Structures. It provides a quick way of making sure the connections in your Tekla Structures model are safe and code-compliant. You can also use it to effectively identify the parts of the structure that can be optimized.

The calculation itself is done using a scalable set of cloud servers to handle simple as well as a robust set of connections. Checkbot enables engineers and detailers to move from a one-by-one connection design approach to working with groups and bulks of connections.

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Tekla Developer Awards competition ends by the end of September 2020. 

So, don't wait anymore and vote for our IDEA StatiCa Checkbot now! 

Second IDEA StatiCa integration in the competition

Checkbot is not the only IDEA Statica to Tekla integration competing for the Tekla Developer Awards 2020.  One of our customers, Oostingh Staalbouw BV, introduces ASK Idea-Tekla Link – an application developed for internal use in the ASK Romein group of companies. Making use of both the Tekla Open API and the IDEA OpenModel API. This application allows for the export of steel connections designed in IDEA StatiCa to their desired location in a Tekla Structures model.

There already exist methods to export connections from Tekla Structures and other programs to IDEA StatiCa to be designed but no way to send them back after they have been analyzed and checked. 

The ASK IDEA-Tekla Link leverages the Tekla Open API and the IDEA Open Model API to convert these designed and engineered connections to Tekla Structures components and objects for export to the Tekla Structures model at their desired location. The app also allows a user to update previously exported connections in the Tekla Structures model from new IDEA files if there are changes.

Read more about ASK Idea-Tekla Link and vote for this feature here. 

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