Export any steel joint from Tekla Structures to IDEA StatiCa

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The new FREE plugin for Tekla Structures allows you to export seamlessly a steel connection from this software to IDEA StatiCa, in order to perform the analysis & design according to the codes – even for the most complex connection.

Have you ever needed your colleague to export a connection from Tekla Structures but IDEA StatiCa license was not on his machine? Now he can get a free plugin to export from Tekla Structures.

Moreover, all detailers without IDEA StatiCa license can now export a connection to the IDEA StatiCa Viewer application and send the ".ideacon" file to the structural engineer.

However, if you are an IDEA StatiCa Connection user, you can take full advantage of the BIM link between Tekla Structures and IDEA StatiCa. By using the Code-check manager feature you can easily export multiple connections, synchronize models, etc.

Watch the video to see how this exactly works:

Whether you use IDEA StatiCa or not, the new free plugin for Tekla Structures is simply a must if you are involved in steel construction and design.

Find a detailed description of the workflow on Tekla Warehouse.

Put IDEA StatiCa to the test – Start your free trial and enjoy 14 days of the full version!